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Thirteen - 'It's Like There's Two of Me' (4/5) by imorawetz
Thirteen - 'It's Like There's Two of Me' (4/5)

"Life is Pain."

Fourth painting in a series of five - part of a commission. Portraying Dr. Remy 'Thirteen' Hadley (Olivia Wilde) from House. The general idea was to portray the pivotal moments in the character's arc. This one is based on S07E20 - "Changes".

Up until this point 'Thirteen' might have kept her misery to herself, but to invert a line from early on in the series, "Well, I guess you can't be around that much misery and not get any on you." It's an episode that basically revels in misery: Offering plenty of retorts between House and 'Thirteen', but not in the usual negative/positive way, more like negative/negative. The otherwise internally channeled misery is instead channeled outwards, giving us two characters who, at least in this episode, are quite similar. The writers were quite obvious about this, having several lines repeated throughout the episode, but I guess "we are who we are," as trite as that is.

Pursuit of Misery
House: Miserable stays miserable. Happy doesn't buy lottery tickets in the first place.
'Thirteen': Our level of happiness is set. It's in our DNA. No cash payout's gonna change that.
House: It's like there's two of me.
'Thirteen': You're the one who said miserable stays miserable.
House: But you keep saying it. Several times a day.
'Thirteen': I love being back, having every theory you and I share used as proof of my own personal damage.
Taub: His long lost love is a fraud. Thirteen figured that out.
House: Good for her.
Taub: Decades of menial work, three cancers couldn't make him die miserable. She just did.
'Thirteen': The truth made him miserable.
House: It's like there's two of me.
House: It will end horribly.
'Thirteen': Not for him. She may take all his money, and he may be a naive idiot, but he'll always be hopeful, so he'll always be happy.
House: You lost your mother. You euthanized your brother. You got the life expectancy of a pretty good sitcom. If you can convince yourself that you'd be miserable no matter what - even without all that stuff, then maybe you don't have to hate the universe for dumping a giant turd on you.
Fatalism is your survival mechanism.
'Thirteen': And you? Dumped by everyone you've ever loved. Rehab was a bust. Your leg feels like somebody took a giant bite out of it.
We are who we are. Lotteries are stupid.

Oh, there's a few things I gotta say
Make no mistake, I'm mad
'Cause every good thing I had abandoned me
A sad and lonesome me

I'm the walking wounded
I'd say it to your face
But I can't find my place

There's nothing here worth saving

Painted in Photoshop CS6 with a Wacom Intuos Pro.
Reference was used.
Commissioned by: rasmusvn.
All Quotes + House-isms
Katheryn Winnick (1/2) by imorawetz
Katheryn Winnick (1/2)

"You wanna make things right? Too bad, nothing's ever right."


"Why does there always have to be a reason? Can't we just talk?"

Eve: What can I do? What the hell can I do that you're not gonna dismiss as just being because I was raped?
House: Nothing.

Being a medical show, "House" by its very nature had a lot of guest stars. Some were good, others bad. Some mattered, others didn't. And then there were those who were truly special - the ones who transcended the role of the sick patient; just a puzzle for House to solve - and became something more. In an episode written by the creator of the show, David Shore, one of those special guest stars appeared; Katheryn Winnick.

It was also one of the the few episodes where House actually talked to a patient - although under somewhat forced circumstances, which is something he otherwise actively likes to avoid, but that wasn't an option this time. The near final scene show the two sitting at a bench overlooking the lake. There's a sense of peace and tranquility despite the subject of conversation. I certainly won't be the judge of what is and isn't, what's right and what isn't, but I will say that it's the kind of scene (and episode) that I still remember to this day; seven years later from when it first aired. The truth of the matter is probably that it doesn't matter who's right about what in the discussion - as it's also reflected by the end-dialog of the episode.

Winnick might've had the role of the victim, but she most certainly wasn't weak or frail in any way. Instead, House had to deal with an assertive young woman who clearly challenged him. It's up to the individual to assess whether the somewhat cliched role of the female victim is transcended in this case, but it it would be amiss not to make mention that "House" was a show that often dealt with the concept of 'broken' people; House himself being the obvious example.

House argues that there's nothing to solve with regards to this case; there's no puzzle. It's a "common" case, but it could also be argued that this is just a much more complex puzzle than the ones he usually solves, it's just a different kind - the personal kind. It's a puzzle without a final answer or resolution, one that can't be solved completely.

You gonna base your whole life on who you got stuck in a room with?

I'm gonna base this moment on who I'm stuck in a room with.
It's what life is.
It's a series of rooms.
And who we get stuck in those rooms with adds up to what our lives are.

"Where the rooms are a collection of our lives..."*

Eve: You're enjoying this conversation.
House: It's just the type of conversation I do well.
Eve: But the other type? The personal stuff?
House: There are no answers. And if there are no answers, why talk about it?

Eve: I need to know that it all means something. I need that comfort.
House: Yeah. Are you feeling comfortable? You feeling good right now? You feel warm inside?
Eve: I was raped. What's your excuse?

"And everyone will tell you that's what we gotta make her do. We got to help her, right?
Except we can't. We drag out her story, tell each other that it'll help her heal and feel real good about ourselves.

Maybe all we've done is make a girl cry."

Painted in Photoshop CS6 using a Wacom Intuos Pro. Reference was used.
Full Quotes

I do not take commissions for traditional paintings (oil, acrylic, etc.) as I am simply not as confident with 'real' paint as I am with digital. I create my paintings in Photoshop CS6 and use a Wacom Intuos5. Please do not email me asking whether I will do a painting on canvas for you.

Don't expect a work of art for under $70. I'm sitting for hours and painting from scratch, you aren't going to be scammed - this is my way of making a living, so please respect that.

If you want an accurate price quote you have to give me an idea of what you want; whether you want to get it printed or if it's just for use on the web, if it's a portrait how close you want the focus to be, specific colours or objects... anything extra helps.
  • I only accept PayPal
  • I require payment up front before I begin work (BUT if you prefer to pay after you've seen draft/progress shots that's fine too.)
  • Once payment has gone through I will email you the highres un-watermarked version (JPEG, PDF, TIF, PSD...whatever you prefer)

Read my FAQ or contact me via my website. :)


Isabella Morawetz
Artist | Professional | Digital Art



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